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11- Dashboard vandaag detail adultFunctional DescriptionTechnical Description

The color of the header depends on the usertype

  • If context = me then purple
  • if context = friend then blue + avatar friend (see section below for example)

Sub header with Day description.

the buttons < and > will bring you to previous and next days.

The following UI Controls are visible at this page.


  • User Id
  • Date
  • Challenge
21- Vriend woensdag detail adultFunctional DescriptionTechnical Description

This is is the example of the Friend version (with blue header) of this page.

Please be aware that in this context the avatar of the friend will visible.

clicking on that avatar will bring you to Friend Profile


In the event of violation on the challenge, the Review button appears.

See for a detailed description the NoGo Review - Friend



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