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In the benchmark the following Goals can be used for App Activity and Network Activity

Information derived from activityCategories.json:

localizableName in "en-US"


Example of
for App Activity

Goal Type 

smoothwall Categories
for Network Activity

Adult content1f088f0b-9952-4ac7-bdc0-fd242238bc1d Bad app NO-GOAdult Sites 
Communication90b9838f-1430-484b-94c1-e169318091cb com.whatsapp Budget / TimeZoneChat
Gambling192d69f4-8d3e-499b-983c-36ca97340ba9 Poker App NO-GOGambling
Multimediaeb7be352-b449-4d30-98fe-3be6ad555b43 nl.uitzendinggemist Budget / TimeZoneYouTube
News743738fd-052f-4532-a2a3-ba60dcb1adbf Budget / TimeZonenews/media
Social27395d17-7022-4f71-9daf-f431ff4f11e8 Facebook Budget / TimeZoneFacebook


Example on News, which shows the smoothwallCategories and the applications

      "id": "743738fd-052f-4532-a2a3-ba60dcb1adbf",
      "localizableName": {
         "en-US": "News",
         "nl-NL": "Nieuws"
      "mandatoryNoGo": false,
      "smoothwallCategories": [
         "KS-Radio En Tv",
      "applications": [
      "localizableDescription": {
         "en-US": "This challenge includes apps and sites like and NOS",
         "nl-NL": "Deze challenge bevat apps en sites zoals en NOS"


Send Activity

Network Activity:

POST /userAnonymized/${vpnLoginUserID_1}/networkActivity/ to port ${analysisServicePort}

   "eventTime": "${randomDateTimeStart}",
   "categories":["Adult Sites"],

App Activity:

POST /users/${UserID}/appActivity

  "deviceDateTime": "${__time(yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZ)}",
  "activities": [
      "application": "",
      "startTime": "${randomDateTimeStart}",
      "endTime": "${randomDateTimeEnd}"


Set Goals

Grab Goals url 

Grab the Goals url for that user/buddy MessagesUserUrl



      "_links": {
        "self": {
          "href": ""


Setting BudgetGoal for News

POST ${UserGoalID_1}

  "@type": "BudgetGoal",
  "maxDurationMinutes": 45,
  "creationTime": "2017-05-01T11:00:00.000+0000",
                        "href": "http://localhost:8082/activityCategories/743738fd-052f-4532-a2a3-ba60dcb1adbf"

Setting TimeZoneGoal for social media (each day has identical TimeZones!):




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