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If a user doesn't want to participate in Yona anymore, they need to be able to unregister themselves. This page describes the flow.


  1. The user selects the "Unsubscribe" option in Yona. The app might show this option when uninstalling on the last device.
  2. After requesting confirmation, the app will send an "Unregister user" request to the server.
  3. The server will send an encrypted message to the current buddies of the user, informing them that this user has left Yona. Once these users open the Yona app again, they'll see that message and their buddy record will be removed. This cannot be done at the time the user unregisters, as we cannot access the encrypted information of the buddies.
  4. The server will remove the data of this user
  5. The app will remove the data (including the private key) from the device


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