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21-Vriend profiel GHFunctional DescriptionTechnical Description

This screen shows the following information

  • Friend Avatar (picture or credentials)
  • Friend Name
  • Friend Nick Name

On the Profiel tab we show

  • Friend name
  • Friend Nick name
  • Friend Mobile number

It is possible to disconnect a friend by pressing the "Vriend Verwijderen" button. this will delete the connection to the Friend and issue a Friend Disconnect Notification to the friend.




This information is embedded in the user resource.

To remove a buddy, perform a DELETE on the edit link of the buddy.

This screen is not related to the Friend but to the user.

However it shows the implementation of the Badges tab and should be implemented in a similar way for the Friend Profile screen.

The Badges are grouped by date.

Show 10 badges at the time. Scrolling down should result in 10 more badges. etc.

The badge type (retrieved in the data set) will be used by the App do determine the Badge UI Control.

This is not part of the 1.1 scope.


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