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NameFunctional DescriptionTechnical Description

This screen shows the

  • Friend Avatar
  • Friend Name
  • Nick Name

And in the message below "Vriendschapsverzoek" needs to contain the Friends Mobile number.

It should be possible to click on the number to call the Friend to verify whether or not he sent the request.

The user will Accept or Decline the request.

After Accept or Decline the user should go to the notification screen automatically and that in that screen the Friend Request should be updated with the Accepted (Green) or Declined (Red) icon. See Row number 7 in the Notification screen for an example of an Accepted Friend Request.

Not visible on the screen on the left yet: the message from the friend (see Friends - Add) should be displayed just below the header "Vriendschapsverzoek"



POST the appropriate message to the yona:accept or yona:reject link.

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