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This functional design describes the functionality of the first version of the Yona App and is meant to give the App Builder developing the Yona App full visibility in all functional and technical details. 

This design is structured around the screens of the Yona app and each page has the following structure around the screens:

Screen visual.
A PNG file of the screen with sample data. 
The screens are desgined by with the Sketch application, all sources files are available.
A prototype of the App is available in InVision. The UI of the App should be 100% alligned with the prototype in Invision.

Functional Description
A functional description of the functionality including a description of the user interaction. Where possible we have used hyperlinks to link to other screens in the App.

Technical Description 
The description of the Web services required. This information will be extended in the next weeks since all webservices will be defined in Swagger.
All Web services required to let the App communicate with the Backend will be provided by the Dev Community working on the Backend.


Development Platform

In order to support multiple platforms we have decided to let the App being developed with Xamerin unless this is not possible from technical perspective (e.g. due to VPN functionality).

Development Tools & Open Source

All sources of the Yona Backend are available at GitHub We expect the App Builder to use GibHub for the App development.
The App Builder can easily create his own test environments via Docker. see Installing or upgrading Yona Server

Yona is a foundation and all software developed by Yona or its subscontractors will become opensource.  


Relation with Yona Server

The Yona Server is under development by the Yona Dev Community. The Yona App will communicate with the Yona Server through the Interfaces defined in Swagger. The Yona Server will provide all Interfaces required by the Yona App.
Please also take the  Security related interaction flows into account since this requires functionality in the Yona App to be in place.

All technical information on the Yona Server is available at Technical information and information related to the Infrastructure at Infrastructure



The development of the App will be done in different milestones and result in the following releases

  • Release 1.0: Support for Android ( KitKat; Lollipop & Marshmallow.)
  • Release 1.1: Support for iPhone. (iOS 7, 8 and 9). 
  • Release 1.2: Support for Windows Phone


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