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This is the screen that appears when a user starts the app.

We have two views, one per day and one per week. This section describes the day view.

11- Dashboard vandaagFunctional DescriptionTechnical Description

This page shows a graphical view with the score on each Challenge categorized per day.

By default the app will show 3 days of history. scrolling further down will load the next 3 days.


The following UI Controls will be used at this page.

  1. Time Bucket Control
  2. Time Frame Control
  3. NoGo Control
  4. Badge Control
  5. Encouragement Control


The following sections are clickable:

The Notifications Icon should show the number of unread notifications.


Transition to detailpage (activity view):

transition dashboard to

Web service to provide the scores per challenge for 3 days.


  • Userid (me)
  • Start day

Web service to provide the number of unread notifications.

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