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Below an overview of the different view for this control. Please be aware that, in the event somebody posted a comment on an activity it will be visible with the Chat icon (see Time Bucket Control) in the right top of the control. This icon is not clickable but when the users clicks on the control, the detailed activity view screen will appear including the Comments.


NoGoFunctional DescriptionsTechnical Description

Used in Me - Day and Friend - Day and activity views

 There are the 3 versions of the NoGo control.

  1. Green. No violation with the challenge
  2. Violation with the Challenge and a review has been requested by a friend
  3. Red. Violation with the challenge.


The web service on that page should provide the following data

  • Status (Red, Orange, Green)
  • Time
  • Duration

Friend Timeline Edition

Used in the Friends - Timeline. On this timeline we only show Violations and Reviews.

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