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This page basically is the NoGo Activity View (Friend edition, with blue header) but extended with a NoGo Review Section. In this description we only focus on the Review Section.

The Review section has 3 appearances

  1. Type 1: URL Review Request
  2. Type 2: URL Review Result
  3. Type 3: URL Reviewed
21- Vriend woensdag detail adultFunctional DescriptionTechnical Description

Type 1: URL Review Request

In the event of violation on the challenge, the NoGo Activity View should have the button to request a review.

Pushing this button will call the webservice to request for a review. The button 'vraag om review' (ask for review) changes to 'verzoek verstuurd' (reviewrequest has been send).

At this moment, the content of the violation (url, time) is not shown to others.



Webservice to request for a review should change the Activity NoGo Status to "Requested" and should trigger a ReviewRequest notification to the Friend.

21- Vriend gisteren detail adultFunctional DescriptionTechnical Description

Type 2: Review Result

When a friend accepts the URL Review request (NoGo Status changes from "requested" to "approved") the Review Section for the friend will be extended with

  • a list view with the following information sorted by time
    • url
    • time (20:00)
  • 2 buttons to Reject "Adult" or Accept "Geen Adult". (Adult = Challenge Name)

When the user pushes the Accept or Reject button, call the Webservice to process the user action. The icon changes to pink or green and the content will be hidden.



Webservice to process the user action.

On Reject --> update ReviewOutcome to "rejected"

On Accept --> update ReviewOutcome to "accepted" and change the icon from Red to Green

Bert Roos is er een veld op de activity waaruit je kan opmaken dat het om een violation gaat? als de review goed uitpakt wordt die namelijk weer groen...

Create a ReviewOutcome notification.

21- Vriend gisteren detail adult gezien-okFunctional DescriptionTechnical Description

Type 3: Reviewed

Show this section when the ReviewOutcome is Rejected or Accepted. The URLs will be hidden en a message will inform the user that the URL has been reviewed. The color of the icon depends on the ReviewOutcome: Reject: icon is pink, Accept: icon is green.

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  1. Review part is not yet implemented in API, therefore not possible to implement in app release 1.0, please see also NoGo Control