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This page basically is the NoGo Activity View (User edition, with purple header) but extended with a NoGo Review Section. In this description we only focus on the Review Section.

The Violation section has 3 appearances

  1. Type 1: Information on violation. 
  2. Type 2: URL Review Request (disclose request). NoGo Alert status: requested
  3. Type 3: URL Review Result
11- Dashboard woensdag detail adultFunctional DescriptionTechnical Description

Type 1:

In addition to the NoGo Activity View this screen shows a list view with the following information sorted by time

  • url
  • time (20:00)

Web service that loads the list with URLs


11- Dashboard woensdag detail adult verzoekFunctional DescriptionTechnical Description

Type 2:

When a friend asks for a URL Review (NoGo Status changes from "announced" to "requested") the Review Section for the user (me) will be extended with

  • Label with "Reviewverzoek van " & Friend - Nickname
  • 2 buttons to Reject "Weiger" or Accept "Accepteer".

When the user pushes the Accept or Reject button, call the Webservice to process the user action and go back to the notification screen.

Since the NoGo Alert Status has been updated the notification should show the Green (Accepted) or Red (Rejected) Icon. Update the notification and show the icon for Accepted (Green) or Rejected (Red). (See row 5 in the Notification overview)

Webservice to process the user action.

On Reject --> update NoGo Alert status to "rejected"

On Accept --> update NoGo Alert status to "accepted"

Create a ReviewPermissionResponseMessage

11- Dashboard woensdag detail adult reviewedFunctional DescriptionTechnical Description

Type 3:

Show this section when the ReviewOutcome is Rejected or Accepted

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  1. Review part is not yet implemented, therefore not possible to implement in app release 1.0; please see also NoGo Control