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This page documents special requests that are not documented in Swagger (they are not used by the app directly).

Aggregate activities

Aggregating activities is scheduled in production, it is expected every night.

POST localhost:8083/batch/aggregateActivities/
Content-Type: application/json

Post network activity

Network activity is posted by the Smoothwall server to Yona.

POST localhost:8081/userAnonymized/{userAnonymizedId}/networkActivity/
Content-Type: application/json


  • The user anonymized ID is the "vpnLoginID"
  • The "eventTime" field can be omitted, in this case it will take 'now'.
  • The "categories" field should contain values from mapped Smoothwall categories, see activity categories data. Usually it will contain one.
  • The "url" is currently not processed, but saved for the URL disclosure feature.


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