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Attendees - Please check Sprint 2 here...

Discussed (please add further items discussed of importance):

  • We discussed with YONA about clearing up the flow of the Time Bucket Challenge screens as India were unsure
    - How the time picker should look
    - Which parts of the screen are Scrollable
    - Anything Else? Everything Clear? Chandan Varma Kinnar Vasa Bhargav Suthar?

  • Also we discussed getting Jan to create a file with all the translations in, and Kinnar will create a wiki on how he thinks this should be implemented technically

  • We are waiting on tickets from testing of the demo build we created last week, so we won’t go about fixing any issues there until YONA have created tickets for that.

  • Android and IOS will start straight away on Time bucket challenges api service and UI.

  • We are still waiting on the backend to develop the OTP resend functionality, but for now if you enter the OTP incorrectly 5 times then the text on the screen changes…and the app is locked. Same with the passcode, however this becomes unlocked after 24 hours.

  • YONA want the title on the login flow screens to stay at the top and not scroll up, but when the keyboard pops up so you can enter your details the background image changes….I think that is the majority of what we discussed...

Action items

  • Jan Bosch  APPDEV-92 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Create wiki page with all the text and translations and Kinnar Vasa specify in wiki how this is going to be implemented technically for IOS and Android... Spread sheet here for Multilanguage support (Here first 3 columns will be added by mobiquity developers, next 2 for translation by Yona Team. Status will show whether translation provided by yona or it is pending).   Note: First column is unique key, that must be same as it is, i.e. String Title (Unique)
  • Bert Roos need to get the pin reset  functionality working on the backend incase you eneter your passcode wrong 5 times or the OTP  APPDEV-7 - Getting issue details... STATUS   APPDEV-37 - Getting issue details... STATUS  shall we descope from Sprint 2 until the functionality is built? It's defined as  YD-216 - Getting issue details... STATUS .
  • Don't think we discussed add new device  APPDEV-52 - Getting issue details... STATUS   APPDEV-4 - Getting issue details... STATUS  so maybe descope these from sprint 2? Jan Bosch Bert Roos Yvonne Dieks
  • Richard Quist Bert Roos we will discuss the VPN for IOS later today  APPDEV-74 - Getting issue details... STATUS  we didn't really discuss this much in the meeting, but this is quite fundamental to get implemented on IOS and Android?! Can we implement this on Android this sprint Kinnar Vasa
  • APPDEV-105 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Carousel welcome screen not discussed... shall we descope this from the sprint? Jan Bosch Yvonne Dieks
  •  Jan Bosch Bert Roos Yvonne Dieks JIRA is blocking us, it does not work all the time, problem on the server side?