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Target release1.0
EpicUser Management
Document statusDRAFT
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Jan Bosch



Accountability means taking responsibility for what you are doing. Through the free Yona App you can keep your internet behavior nice, along with a friend. For example, imagine what websites you prefer not to visit but also how much time you want to be useful online. So can you help your friend to realize his goals and your friend will help you. To help you, Yona develops a free App for PC, tablet and smartphone.

Background and strategic fit



  • Users will use the app primarily from their smartphone, but must be also available on pc and tablet.


#TitleUser StoryImportanceNotes
1Signup (Create Account)As a user I want to signup using my e-mail adress and password (certain complexity) and additionally I can set a Full Name, Nick Name, Profile Photo and Device description, so I can start login to the app.M


2Sign Up SucceedAs a user I want to have a message "Sign Up" succeed message and information about next steps, so I can start using the app.M 

Sing Up Confirmation

As a user I want to get email notification to confirm my email address and activate my account, so I can login to the app.M 
4LoginAs a user I want to login using my e-mail address en password, so I use the app.M 
5Login Social NetworkAs a user I want to use my Facebook or Google+ login to authenticate, so I can easily login.C 
6Reset PasswordAs a user I want to reset my password using a mail notification with reset password link, so I can set a new password and login to the app.M 

As a user I like to have a clear homescreen from where I can acces the core features of the app, like My Goals, My Reports, My Devices, Buddies, Notifications, Chat and Reports.

 My GoalsAs a user I like to set goals which I can share with my buddies, so they can support me.  
 My ReportsAs a user I like to have reports of my internet and app usage, to raise awareness.  
 My DevicesAs a user I like to have a list of registered yoga devices, so I can manage (add, delete) these devices.  

Add Buddy

As a user I like to invite one or more buddies from my address book (mail address), so they get an mail or an in-app notification (only if the user already exists).

 BuddiesAs a user I like to have a list of existing buddies and by default a buddy is one to one with a two-way trust, so you have insight in both usage.  
 Buddy Level

As a user I like to set a level of detail (Traffic Licht) per buddy, so I can define myself what I like to share with my buddy.

 NotificationsAs a user I like to have a notification wall (invites, flags, app removals) so I have a clear view what's going on with my buddies.  
 ChatAs a user I like to have a chat function so I can securely chat with one of my buddies.  

Security / Privacy

As a user I like to have an app which guarantee privacy of my personal data, so the solution must be secure.  

Report Disclosure

As a user I like to have an disclose request \ allow option in case my report raise questions.  
 Internet UsageAs a user I like to have insight in my internet and app usage.  





Mute (de-listen)


Cleanup List (hide, own side)


Secure APP access vertrouwen


Data Mining


Laptop: SVC, Plugin


Systeem aanpassingen detecteren


Inactiviteit / detectie


User interaction and design

We have already designed an APP prototype using Justinmind and below the url and pw which belongs to the list of requirements below and attached also the initial Functional Design Accountability - FD EN draft v1.2.pptx.

APP Prototype
Password: yournotalone


Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of this requirements document:


Not Doing

1 Comment

  1. Hi Jan,

    As you know I already started development on a similar app. I would like to share some of the features I had in mind for that app:

    1. Apart from recording bytes per category, the app would record bytes per content type (e.g. video, audio, picture, text, torrent),bytes per language of the page (this I can explain later), and also length of internet activity.
    2. You could get a report of those things in nice graphs.
    3. Goals were more complex, not just 'shun this category'. Instead, I used the concept of 'badges' like Stackoverflow and goals were shun/strive for a badge. Example badges are (you can think of more fancy names yourself) '1 week offline', 'pornography', 'less than 1 hour audio per day', 'more than 2 buddies'. (Technically this is a little complex: you have to use combinations of conditions, where a condition is of the format 'attribute < value' and attributes can be:
      1. bytes per category X
      2. bytes per content type Y
      3. bytes per language Z
      4. activity percentage per day
      5. total number of bytes per day
      6. number of days offline at a stretch
      7. number of buddies
      A user/buddy will receive badge updates like 'you earned this badge' or 'you lost this badge'.
    4. I also had in mind that if a user prefers this, she can still use blocking from the app to be able to reach her goals. You could say "I want to get this badge" and then set a checkbox 'block pages that will give me this badge'.

    These features are maybe suggestions for Yona too, although it will increase the complexity of the app...