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  • Java 11
  • Eclipse IDE 2018‑12. Download and run the installer and choose "Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers."
  • From the Eclipse Marketplace, install the following:
    • Spring Tools 4 4.1.RELEASE from the Eclipse Marketplace
    • EGit 5.2..0
    • Buildship Gradle Integration 3.0
    • Groovy Development Tools 3.3. 0. SNAPSHOT
    • SonarLint
  • Git
  • MariaDB
    • Install with default character encoding UTF8
    • Add the bin directory of MariaDB to the PATH environment variable
    • Set the following environment variables:
      • YONA_DB_URL=jdbc:mariadb://localhost:3306/yona
      • YONA_DB_USER_NAME=<user name of your choice, e.g. root)
      • YONA_DB_PASSWORD=<password of the above user>


And configure the save actions:

Configure SonarLint

Open the SonarLint Bindings view:

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Right-click and choose New server connection

  • Choose SonarQube
  • Choose the token authentication method, log on to the server, generate a token and paste it in Eclipse
  • Name the connection Yona SonarQube
  • Bind all Yona projects to this connection
  • Select the SonarQube project YonaServer

Set up environment

  • Clone the repository

    Code Block
    git clone

  • Create eclipse projects:

    Code Block
    gradlew eclipse

  • Import the projects into your workspace in Eclipse:
    • File --> Import
    • Existing projects into workspace
    • Select the yona-server folder
    • Check the box "Search for nested projects"
    • Do not check the box "Copy projects into workspace"
    • Click finish
  • Add the following entries to the hosts file ( /etc/hosts on Linux or C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts on Windows):

    Code Block       log          # The logging server, only used when running from Docker 

  • Add the scripts directory to PATH